The Linux Software Map (LSM)

This is the WWW home page of the Linux Software Map (LSM). LSM is a database of `entries' describing software that is available for Linux. The LSM was created by Jeff Kopmanis, was taken over by Lars Wirzenius (, homepage, and is now maintained by Aaron Schrab (,

The database is updated automatically. The newest version is available via anonymous FTP from

It is also available via HTTP from

Instead of downloading the whole LSM database, you can do searches in it using the WWW search page maintained by Thomas Adam.

The format of the entries is described in the LSM README file. To submit an entry, fill in an empty entry, or modify the previous entry for the same program from the database. Send the new or updated entry via e-mail to with the subject "add" (without the quotes). Mail sent to that address is processed by the LSM Robot, which checks the entry for syntactical correctness. If the entry looks OK, it automatically adds the entry to the databse. If there are any problems, it sends back a list of them; the entry is not added the database until it is correct (this save a huge amount work for the maintainer).

To have an entry deleted, send mail to the maintainer. There is not automated way of deleting (mostly because creating one is too much hassle; entries for old versions are deleted when new ones are added).

Thank you for your support. Help make the LSM a valuable resource.

Aaron Schrab <>